what we make

we make stuff. we do stuff. we like doing stuff. we like stuff. truth be told, we’re not sure why we do this, but can’t really stop now.

we started out making a small chapbook in 1991. we handset 12-point Goudy Bold (because that was the only type we had) and we haven’t stopped since. things usually start with a flicker of an idea. a passage in a book we are reading, lyrics to a favourite (or newly found) song


we love books. we make books. they don’t always turn out exactly right, but what the heck. we do it one page at a time. we handset all our type, lock it up in the chase and then print it (one page at a time) on a 10x15" Chandler & Price platen press. it has a treadle, so we get a bit of a workout whilst doing it.

posters & broadsides

we print a lot of posters and broadsides (posters being larger versions of broadsides). we see a quote, we get angry about something, a person or event moves us – you know the deal. you mix some wood type, some metal type, a few ornaments, and you have yourself a poster. recently we have developed a patented blindpigpress registration system™ for the #2 Vandercook proof press that allows us to better register colours on this press allowing for larger sized sheets to be printed. we like the spontinaity of this type of freeform composition. it’s sorta like jazz. well, freeform jazz.

letterhead & business cards

these are the tiny chamber pieces of letterpress printing. care and attention to detail are needed to get these to work. mix some type, some ornaments and some cool paper and you have yourself a lovely, unique printed piece.


we print all sorts of stuff that falls into no known category, so we call it ephemera. why? because it makes us sound smarter! cards, notes, banners. stuff we don’t have a name for.


we are currently experimenting with some new ways to create images and impressions. hopefully we will be showing this soon.


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