stuff we sell

we were originally going to call it ‘what we try to sell’, which would perhaps be more accurate. but it’s not about the selling, is it? it’s about the doing. and we do. oh, we do. and as previously mentioned, we like stuff.

if you like stuff, you may like our stuff. you may wish to purchase our stuff and keep it close to you. (we don’t really believe all those things that we see on the interwebs that tell us it’s not about stuff, it’s about friendships and such like. we call that a lie! if you don’t like our stuff, that’s cool too. we won’t think less of you (this is thinly disguised to mean we will think less of you).

we have a basement and a printshop full of things that we have printed, but of late we have been combining our printing and bookbinding skills to produce a new line of journals, sketchbooks and notebooks (stuff!). everything is done by hand or by simple machines that are guided by our hands. we have nice hands. they are soft despite doing difficult things.

you may wish to view our online store.


we have created something that we call 'Invisible Line'™ journals! basically, they are journals that have lines embossed into the paper that allow your writing to be quietly guided. we think they are pretty cool.

we also have less revolutionary journals without lines for those of you who are secure in your grasp of the linearity of writing. or perhaps you just don’t care if your writing follows the horizontal.

both journals are carefully hand folded, hand sewn, hand trimmed, hand bound. the papers and cover materials change according to availability. right now we are using Japanese Chiyogami paper. this line will change and grow over time.


for those of you not so much into, um, writing. or not so heavily into, um, writing we have the trademarked blindpigpress sketchbook™. what’s the difference between a journal and a sketchbook? well, it’s mostly about the paper used inside. sketchbook paper tends to be a little heavier to take a wider variety of media.

as of right now we have two basic varieties : heavy white stock (approximately 80lb weight or 160g/m2) and a less expensive kraft paper book.


sometimes things just fall into your hands and it would be disrespectful to the world and humanity not to just go with it. such is our blankbook™ line of notebooks.

so, we acquired some cool genuine vintage orange cover stock and some cool genuine vintage safety paper (for printing cheques). after much to-ing and fro-ing and many years of hemming and hawing we combined the two into nifty 5x8" soft-cover-blind-embossed-hand-sewn-cool-rounded-corner notebooks. they are good for what ails you.

buy them separately or in packs of three. we can pretty much guarantee that they are unique and won’t last forever.

posters & broadsides

we like words and quotes and junk like that, so we print them. you may find them interesting and humorous as well. wood type, metal type, we have both!


sometimes we get all arty and emotional. when we do we produce a wood or lino block print. we carve ’em, print ’em and sometime colour them by hand using inks and stuff.  you may not like them, but we are not forcing you to buy them. we are simply saying that we think they are pretty cool.

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